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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like many single women in Orange County, you’re probably scrambling through your closet to find the perfect outfit to impress your date.  If this is your first date, perhaps you and your date are just going out for a casual evening, or perhaps you want to shine bright on this romantic night and plan to look like a supermodel in a fancy dress downtown.  Regardless what you have planned for this year, our Orange County matchmakers have some Valentine’s Day looks you don’t want to miss.  Hey, we’ve been helping single women in Orange County for nearly 30 years, and we’re not going to stop now!

Whether you choose to go for the classic red or go with the runner-ups of pinks and purples, these Valentine’s Day outfits will have your date’s eyes lighting up, and that’s a guarantee!  We are not the leading matchmaking service in Orange County for no reason.

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1. Did someone say red mini dress?

Should we even say more?  When it comes to jaw-dropping Valentine’s Day looks, you simply can’t go wrong with a red outfit, especially if it’s a dress.  A red mini is the perfect choice to work your magic and have your date’s mouth dropping to the floor the minute he sees you.  A red dress will make you elegant and classy and have you standing out.

Although the length of your dress will be up to you, if you have nicely toned legs, you can always show a little more.  But believe us, you will not go wrong with a sizzling red dress.

2. Go with a midi dress.

While mini dresses are ideal for showing off your toned legs, a midi dress focuses more on your figure and silhouette.  You might not be comfortable with keeping your cleavage all tucked away for the night, but believe us, there are more ways to entice your date.  If you have a nicely shaped body, your date is going to love this midi dress, as it will accentuate your body like nothing else.  Sometimes, not knowing what’s under something is more enticing than seeing it.

For a more modest yet very elegant look, you can go with a long-sleeve midi dress, as this will focus more on your legs.

3. There’s always the maxi dress.

Is your Valentine’s Day date at an upscale restaurant on the town?  Then you simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful, flowing maxi dress.  Not only is this the perfect outfit for a romantic dinner, but you’ll feel like a princess all night long.

This style is perfect for many reasons.  Similar to the mini dress, the maxi dress can be worn with or without straps and will have you feeling fabulous.  The dress cinches at your waist, will help you show your figure, and accentuate your curves.

4. Go casual.

Are your Valentine’s Day plans on the casual side?  Well, you still make this date amazing.  For women who still want to wear red, you can always create a red outfit by pairing a nice top with red jeans or trousers.

A great pair of jeans is essential for showing off your nice legs and curves, and jeans are ideal if the weather is chilly.  You can pair your red jeans with your favorite pumps and a classy blazer.

Prefer your favorite denim instead?  Don’t worry, you simply can’t go wrong with your favorite pair of blue jeans a nice red blouse or top.  You’ll gain instant confidence and feel ready for a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

5. There’s always pink.

Although red will be the most common color you see on Valentine’s Day, as it symbolizes love, you can’t go wrong with pink.  Blushed tones are very popular today, so you can wear a nice pink dress for this evening.

For a more casual look, you can always pick your favorite blue jeans and rock a pink blouse.  Pale pinks are also great and will work flawlessly in your favor.  You can pair them with black jeans and your favorite pumps.

6. Wait, don’t forget about purple.

When Valentine’s Day comes around, you’ll notice red and pink everywhere you go.  But there’s another color that could be showing up more, and that is purple.  If pink and red aren’t your thing, then there’s always purple.

For a unique and beautiful Valentine’s Day look, you can choose to wear a purple jumper, as it will make you stand out from everyone around and get you enough compliments to make you feel like a queen.  A jumper will automatically make you look taller and leaner without losing your body shape.

7. Don’t neglect white.

One color that is always elegant, sleek, and bold is white.  It might not sound like it would go for such a romantic day, but it does.  White is a timeless choice that you can’t beat.

You’ll look phenomenal in white and stand out from other single women in Orange County on this red-filled holiday.  You can always use red accessories to give off a fiery look.

8. Silver is fabulous too.

Do you want to sparkle and steal the eyes of everyone in the restaurant, especially your date’s?  Then you can say forget the red and say hello to silver.  Get a dress with sequins and you have by-standers stopping with their mouths open to check you out.  While silver dresses might be a little difficult to pair, go with white pumps and a sleek clutch and you’ll be ready for an elegant evening for two.

9. Did someone say gold?

Do you want to dazzle, shine, and stand outside the box?  Then you can’t go wrong with gold.  Not only will you be the only one in the restaurant wearing gold, but you’ll look and feel like a Greek goddess.

Whatever you have planned for this Valentine’s Day, our Orange County matchmakers want you to make it a special day by using one of these classic and fiery looks that are sure to impress.

If you are like many single women in Orange County who can’t find a Valentine’s Day date on her own, contact our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service today so we can assist you on your search.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation to start meeting relationship-minded men today!

So, what do you think?  What’s the best look for you this year?  We want to hear what style you’re planning this Valentine’s Day, so share with us on Facebook!


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