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Breakups can bring out the worst in everyone, causing erratic behaviors and leaving a trail of sadness along the way. It’s no surprise that after many years of being dumped, women have found similar ways for handling their breakup blues. And our matchmakers know it involves more than sitting around watching romantic movies while crying and eating ice-cream.

Instead, women have certain breakup etiquette they follow that involves sprucing up their looks, having shallow sex, and letting their body suffer from the pain and sorrow they’re experiencing. Do you want to find out what women really do after a bad breakup? Then, read on as the top matchmakers in Orange County reveal it all, behind the scenes.

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The Behaviors Women Engage in After They’re Dumped

Have you ever found yourself doing some of these behaviors after a relationship split?

1. She changes her look.

Dying your hair can make you feel like a new person post-breakup. And this is one of the top things women do after they get dumped. Why do they dye their hair? Women want to change after a breakup, especially if they were on the receiving end of it. If she was a brunette, she’ll go blonde, and if she was a red hair, she’ll go brunette and vice versa. Women often do this because they want to know they still have it, and dying one’s hair is the easiest way to spice up their appearance in a hurry.

Another variation of this is getting a different hairstyle, such as a dramatic cut. Most people consider this a bold move since women are very much attached to their hair and cutting it means letting go of something. However, women know that by cutting it, they’re making a change that empowers them.

2. She’ll have a one night stand.

In the business of love and matchmaking, we don’t agree with one night stands because we know they can be very harmful. But many women in today’s modern dating scene still indulge in this erratic behavior after a tough split. Women have one night stands for the same reasons men do it. They want to have someone who desires them, they want to experience something new, and they believe the best way to do it is by having a one night stand.

While this might provide a quick ego booster after a horrible breakup, our matchmakers in Orange County want to discourage you from this one. For example, you might be tempted to use a close male friend for a quick ego boost and comfort, but you must realize that if you do, it might destroy your friendship forever.

As good as it might feel right then and there, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling cheap, and that’s not something to be proud of. Moreover, it’s not fair to abuse someone’s emotions just so you can get some comfort or feel a little boost in your ego.

3. She goes on the rebound.

On one hand, a rebound relationship can serve as a band aid; however, rebound relationships can also be very emotional because you have not completely healed from the relationship with your ex. Feeling something for someone new after a breakup is a shocking experience which causes many people to get confused during this time.

From our matchmaking experience, we know that rebound relationships never last. Why, you might be asking. Well, the thing here is, right now you’re in a state of broken emotions—you’re fragile—and the last thing you need to do right now is get tied up in a new relationship. You need time to heal properly; in fact, you need a lot of time to really heal yourself. Just like having a one night stand, having a rebound relationship is dangerous because you are using someone to get over your ex, and that isn’t fair to them or yourself.

4. She stops eating altogether.

One of the top things women do after getting dumped is to stop eating altogether. We call this the heartbreak diet. This diet is usually stems from depression after being dumped.

Many women who have been dumped lose an average of five to ten pounds within the first month. When women become depressed or anxious, they lose the motivation for a lot, which often includes taking care of themselves. Depression causes appetite suppression which is why many women don’t eat much after a split. While your ex might have offered you emotional security, he’s certainly not worth hurting your physical health. If you’re experiencing a rough breakup right now, we encourage you to continue on with your normal lifestyle, which hopefully included working out, eating right, and getting plenty of rest.

5. She will stalk her ex.

As creepy as this might sound, many women tend to engage in cyber stalking after they get dumped. You’re likely going to want to know what your ex is up to, and that means checking up on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. Women want to know if there is a new girl in town or how he is handling the breakup on his end.

Extra Things Women Do

Some other common things women do are the following:

  1. She cries a lot. It comes as no surprise that women are known to cry, and they do it a lot more when experiencing a breakup. Not only do they cry, but they also indulge in their favorite sappy movies.
  2. She binge eats. Aside from watching movies and crying, women also enjoy eating junk. Many women indulge in junk food, such as ice-cream, chips, and candy bars because these things bring them comfort.
  3. They hit the town to party. Men aren’t the only ones who go out to clubs when they break up. Women also like to have fun and enjoy a girls’ night out to see what else is out there.

It might not feel like it right now, but life will go on—and you will get over your breakup. While your ex might have lost that special place in your heart, things will get better. And believe us when we tell you that you don’t have to cut your hair, dye it, gain weight, lose weight, or cry your heart out. We know that soon, your ex will just be a memory and lesson from your past.

When you are ready to move on and start dating again, we encourage you to contact one of our expert matchmakers in Orange County to get started on your quest to find love once again!

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