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Single women in Irvine have many great accessories at their disposal.  Purses, sunglasses, jewelry, heels, scarves… You name it, they have all the accessories they need to stand out and look stunning all year round.  But what about men?  Many single men in Orange County are walking around without a clue how to get noticed.  This is, however, changing as many men today are putting in more efforts to the way they look.  Nowadays, men know they have to look after themselves and look well put together if they want to be successful in dating.

So how can you improve your look?  How can you look more stylish in the California dating scene?  Of course you’re not going to cake your face full of makeup or start carrying a purse, but there are, however, some essentials that are perfect for today’s modern gentlemen.  If you are trying to impress single women in Irvine, then you need these stylish accessories in your everyday life.

Accessories Every Single Man in Orange County Needs

It’s time to throw that Velcro wallet to the garbage.  Get ready, as our Orange County matchmakers provide you with a list of the top accessories every gentleman needs to be successful with the ladies.

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1. A Stylish Phone

Sounds pretty standard, right?  Well, you wouldn’t believe how many men don’t pay attention to their phones.  A phone is more than a phone today; it’s like a personal assistant in our pockets.  We can use it to communicate with the opposite sex, work, and much more.  If you are forgetful and have a hard time keeping track of your life, a phone is exactly what you need to get your life in order.

2. Stylish Shades

Think it’s basic?  Think again!  The right sunglasses can make or break your entire look.  Women spend a lot of time searching for the perfect sunglasses, and that’s exactly what you need to do too.  With the blazing California sun, you don’t want to be squinting when striking up conversation with a woman.  Plus, sunglasses will add a little air of mystery the single women in Irvine can’t get enough of.  Take some time and find the shades that fit your look and personality.

3. A Stylish Blazer

This is actually a MUST-HAVE accessory for all the men out there.  You simply can’t go wrong with a stylish blazer.  You can pair it with a simple T-shirt and dark jeans and head out for a casual coffee date with a beautiful woman, or you can even dress it up a bit and take her on a formal date.  This is an item our Orange County matchmakers know you absolutely must have… Believe us, this timeless piece will go with everything.

4. A Stylish Wallet

That Velcro wallet with that chain drooping from your jeans isn’t acceptable anymore, and neither is that destroyed wallet you’ve been carrying since college.  Just like women invest a lot of money on handbags, you must invest in a durable and stylish wallet.  Think about it, when you take a woman on a romantic date, do you really want her to hear the Velcro rip open or for her to witness your old wallet fall apart?  You need a durable and stylish wallet in today’s dating world.

5. Stylish Headphones

Believe it or not, people notice these things.  Don’t you want to look stylish when listening to your favorite tunes?

6. A Good Set of Coasters

No gentleman should invite a woman to his home for drinks and make a mess on the table.  You need to be a gentleman and show her you care about your home and furniture.  It’s not a matter of vanity, it’s a matter of caring.  Believe it or not, it will show her that you’re a responsible guy.

7. A Good Laptop

This one is for the busy millennials who are always out and about doing work at cozy coffee shops or local parks.  A very well-maintained and stylish laptop will show single women in Irvine that you know how to keep things running smoothly and that you’re up to date with the latest with technology.

*Extra Tip: Just don’t look too busy or you’ll lose out on a lot of great opportunities to meet single women in Irvine.  After all, nobody wants to be an interruption.

8. A Stylish Carry-On Bag

If you are a successful single man in Orange County, you probably do your fair share of traveling.  Flying around with that backpack you used in college is not acceptable and is not going to woo the women.  There are several stylish carry-on options that are perfect for busy men today.

9. A Stylish Pair of Shoes

You guessed it, we had to say it.  After all, shoes are your most important accessory.  While sneakers are comfortable, you’re not going to impress the ladies in them.  If you want to impress single women in Irvine, it’s time to take it up a notch with some stylish loafers or nice formal shoes.  This doesn’t mean you need to throw your sneakers away, just ditch them on your dates.  It is nice to see a man who has a sense of style… And believe us, single women in Irvine just melt for men with style.

10. A Stylish Watch

Nothing is sexier than a man with a solid watch.  A classic watch can be paired with anything.  Something as simple as a watch can bring your look together and make your entire outfit pop.

11. A Stylish Tie

Want to brighten your work attire?  Throw in a stylish tie.  If you’re the type of man who always heads out on dates from work, a stylish tie will be a conversation starter.  Choose something that makes you stylish and fun.

You can be manly and still pull off the accessories our Orange County matchmakers mentioned above.  If you are trying to impress single women in Irvine, listen to these stylish suggestions from our dating experts.  These are the top accessories for today’s successful gentlemen.

Are you single and searching for love?  Contact our matchmaking experts and let us introduce you to quality single women in Irvine.  Here at Orange County Singles, we provide a private and sophisticated way of dating.

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