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Are you spending most of your weekends alone when you’d rather not be?  Are you the last single one left in your group of friends?  Then perhaps it’s time to do a little self-examination.  Let’s take a look at the top ways you could be sabotaging your own dating success as our Irvine matchmakers reveal the top seven reasons many single women in Orange County are still single today.

single women in orange county

1. You’re too shy.

In your regular life, you’re not shy at all; in fact, you’re very outgoing.  You can hold a normal conversation very well and have an active social life.  Your friends would never describe you as a shy woman except when you go out on dates.

You’re not going out on dates because you’re terrified of putting yourself out there and making mistakes—even though everyone makes mistakes.  If you’re too scared to make a mistake, you’re never going to want to put yourself out there in the dating scene.  If that’s the case, then it’s no wonder why you’re still single today.

2. You plan for the future.

Sure, planning for the future is very important in all aspects of our lives.  You don’t want to end up with debt and wake up one day a decade from now and realize that you left a great paying job because you decided to go and explore the world.  But too much planning can also hurt your dating life.

What? How can planning hurt your romantic life?  Well, in the dating world, you can’t plan so much.  You can’t place so much pressure on yourself and your dates or you’re not going to get off the ground.  Sure, it would be nice to know on a first date if he wanted to get married and have kids, but you can’t get ahead of yourself in dating.  You can’t bombard him with a bunch of questions about his future plans, including marriage and children or you’ll scare him away.  Go out and have fun meeting new people without getting ahead of yourself.  Believe us, men can smell desperation a mile away.

3. You’re too stubborn.

If there is one thing all single women in have in common it’s the tendency to be a little too stubborn (okay, all women).  It’s cool, it’s not your fault.  It’s just htat when you’re used to making decisions for yourself, you don’t want anyone else to make them for you.

It’s possible that every time you meet a new man you’re interested in, you worry about how he will affect your perfect life and everyday routine, and that part of falling in love scares you.

4. You’re too afraid.

It’s an old cliché, but it’s as real as it gets: if you’re single, it might actually be because you’re afraid of falling in love.  Of course putting yourself out there means you can get rejected because people get rejected every day.  It definitely hurts, and there’s no denying that.  But if you never try and put yourself out there, then you’re never going to find love.  As matchmakers, we want you to leave your cozy little bubble every now and then and put yourself out there.  Really, the only way you’ll get over this fear is by trying.

5. Your ex is still in the picture.

  1. It’s like it happens every time.  Every time you think you are completely over him, there he is again, right back in your life.  Your phone is lighting up with phone calls, he’s blowing you up throughout the day, he’s commenting on every single picture on Facebook and liking all your Instagram photos.  He claims he misses you a lot, but you tell him you moved on.  You spend so much time trying to ignore your ex and trying to forget the past that it’s hurting your dating life.  It’s time to put your ex in the past, once and for all.

6. You only go out on bad dates.

Bad dates happen to every woman out there, and unfortunately there’s no way around it.  However, if you’re only going out on bad dates and never seem to click with anyone, of course you’re going to hate dating and everything about it.  This is the part of dating that stinks because you’re really trying and putting yourself out there.  You just can’t seem to connect with any man you meet, which is very frustrating.

7. You’re fed up.

Sometimes you just can’t handle another disastrous first date, and that’s okay, because dating isn’t for the faint of heart.  You tell yourself you’re going to take a small break and end up taking six long months off dating.  It’s not that you enjoy being single, it’s just that you can’t imagine another bad date.

How many of these seven things do you see in your own dating life?  Do you wish your dating life was better?  Do you want to meet quality single men in Orange County?  Well, now you can!  Let our Irvine matchmakers give you an expert hand in your romantic life.  Let us introduce you to quality men who are compatible with you so you don’t have to endure any more bad dates!  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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