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Does it seem like every time you meet someone new you end up giving your love to him, only to be brokenhearted in the end? You know the feeling, right? Well, we like to call that lust. Lust can be very confusing, even for seasoned. Your brain gets fogged, making you do things you don’t really want to. But in the end, you’ll end up with the same result, a broken heart.

But how do you know when you’re really in love? How can you tell the difference between lust and love? Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not always easy. But we’ll show you how you can determine if it’s lust or love, if it’s Mr. Right Now or Mr. Forever. Today, our Orange County upscale matchmakers will show you how you really know you are in love.

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1. You’re not complete without him.

One of the clearest signs that you are in love is if you feel something is missing from your life when he is not around. When you are only feeling lust for someone, your body reacts differently, causing you to only feel sexually frustrated. But when it’s true love, your heart will feel empty, like there is something missing.

When you are in love with a man, he will make you feel complete, and there is no doubting that. You will feel complete whenever he is around you but empty when he’s not.

2. You’re always happy.

Many people like to equate love to misery, but unhappiness is not love. When you are really in love with a man, you will feel happy about everything you do in life. You feel good about yourself, your life, your job, your friends, and you really fall in love with yourself.

You will have a glow that others will pick up on. Whenever you are feeling lust for someone, it will make you feel sad. It may make you do crazy things, but that’s not really love, and that’s where the difference comes in.

3. You don’t give up at all.

Have you ever ended a bad relationship because you knew things were never going to work out for the two of you? Well, that was not love.

Every relationship is bound to experience periods of drama and disagreements. He is not perfect and neither are you. When the going gets tough, do you keep going with this person or does it feel like you want to throw in the towel? When you are really in love with someone, you don’t give up that easily. You find something to hold onto and fight for the relationship.

A passing fling or a quick crush doesn’t make you want to fight for it at all. When you don’t have a deep connection, you’ll cut it quits at the blink of an eye, and that’s the difference. When you love someone, you accept that there will be bad times and you will fight for the relationship.

4. You feel at home with him.

When you are truly in love with a man, you will feel at home with him. He feels like home and smells like home to you. He makes you feel comfortable and you can be your true self with him. You never feel like pretending or acting like someone you’re not, because you don’t have to impress him. Does it feel like home with him? If so, that’s true love.

5. You risk it all for him.

When you are falling in love with someone, you face the danger of getting your heart stomped. But when you love someone, you realize that the risks are worth taking. Love doesn’t always guarantee a good outcome, and you’ll never know if he loves you as much as you do him, but you’ll risk it anyways.

6. You don’t check out other men.

You will know that you’re in love when you don’t notice other men around you. If you used to check out other men all the time, while at the gym, grocery stores, or malls, and now you don’t even notice them, then that’s love at full force. When you are in love, you only have eyes for the person you’re in love with.

7. You become more giving.

One of the things that love makes you do is give; it makes you share your happiness. Do you find yourself being more generous with friends and family? Then, that is love.

When people are in love, they’re happy about themselves and become more generous with other people. Did you ever notice that couples who are deeply in love always seem to lend a caring or helping hand to others? When you’re in love, our Orange County upscale matchmakers know your heart opens up and you become more generous. When you’re happy inside, you want to see others happy too.

8. You do things to please him.

Another way to know you’re truly in love is by looking at the things you do to please him. Are you doing a lot of things for him? Well, that’s because you want to see him happy. Have you been preparing his favorite meals without him asking? Do you make it a point to wear his favorite color every time he’s around? Do you volunteer to help him out whenever he needs it? When he’s stressed at work, do you offer to take Fido out or run a few errands to lighten his load?

It sometimes seems like we lose a little bit of ourselves when we fall in love. But at the same time, you’re creating an identity together. Sure, we know it’s a risk, but it’s one worth taking.

If you’re struggling to find love on your own, contact our Orange County upscale matchmakers and let us do the honors of matching you with quality single men who are also serious about falling in love.









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