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Moving past the dating phase will allow your relationship to reach a more stable and secure stage. Naturally, you’ll be more comfortable being your most authentic self, which is great. The downside to this, though, is the high probability of engaging in bad habits that can actually destroy your new relationship. As an Orange County matchmaking service with over 30 years experience helping local singles find and maintain their love, we’re here to help you out.

Want to know what those habits are so you can avoid them and keep your love alive and strong?

Today, our Orange County matchmaking service is going to show relationships habits you need to ditch ASAP!

1. Allowing jealousy to take over the relationship.

Jealousy is a natural trait. And some of us have to work harder than others to stop being jealous in our relationships. So what, exactly, are some examples of jealousy in a relationship? Getting angry at your partner for texting another woman, or not wanting your girlfriend to go out with her friends because she’s going to be around other men.

While you might think that those actions communicate that you truly love your partner, take it from us, they probably don’t see it that way. Hot displays of jealousy actually show your partner that you don’t really trust them. You don’t trust them to keep texts at a friendly level, and you don’t trust them to fend off the attention from another guy. If you want to keep the love alive, you must learn how to really trust your partner. Trust is the only way to combat jealous.

2. Constantly making comparisons.

It’s pretty common knowledge that comparing has no place in a healthy relationship. Whether you’re comparing looks, how much someone else’s partner does around the house, or how happy they are together, making comparisons is going to become toxic in your relationship. It can cause you to become resentful or to have high expectations in your relationship. It can even cause you to start taking your partner for granted.

Plus, you have to be even more careful if you’re getting your information from social media platforms. Remember that the things people post online are only the best parts of their relationship. They are not going to post their latest fight on social media. Stop comparing your relationship to others, or you’re inevitably going to cause your love to come crashing down.

3. Lying

Lying has absolutely no place in a relationship. If you tell your partner you’re working late when you’re actually going out with your friends, that’s a huge lie you shouldn’t be telling. Lying does many things to your relationship. First of all, it’s indicative of other issues in the relationship. You told your partner that you were working late because you didn’t think they would approve of you going out with your friends. Secondly, the minute your partner finds out you’ve been lying, it creates many problems that you may not be able to fix.

If you feel like you have to lie to your partner, ask yourself why. Then fix the problem right away. Lying leads to mistrust and resentment, so get it under control as quickly as possible.

Are you guilty of any of these bad relationship habits? If so, it’s time you change your ways to ensure you don’t lose your partner. If you want a long-lasting and happy relationship, you must put in hard work and efforts.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in OC, contact our matchmakers today. Let the best Orange County matchmaking service help you find true love in a private, time-saving, and enjoyable way.

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