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Trust is perhaps the greatest cornerstone in a successful relationship. Without trust, you will never feel secure and confident in your relationship. If you want to improve the bond with your partner, get ready to discover expert ways from our Orange County matchmakers to strengthen or build your relationship trust.

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1. Don’t let your head get the best of you.

Do you have a reason to mistrust your partner, or is it all in your head? Have they ever done anything to betray you, or are you still healing from past wounds? If your current partner has never given you reason to doubt them, then you might be carrying the fear and anxiety from your past relationship into your current one.

Do you get upset and worried when your partner is out for too long or not answering their phone? If you were betrayed by a previous partner, you may need to confront the real issue at hand. Talk to your partner and let them know that you’re still healing from previous wounds so that you get it off your chest. You need to talk to them so they can ease your worries and help you combat your suspicions through affirmative actions of their own.

2. Always be honest with each other.

It’s important that you’re always open and honest with each other if you want to create a solid foundation of trust. If you’re fibbing about little things, it will create suspicion and doubt about bigger things. If your phone rings and your partner asks who it is, tell them and don’t hide it. If you’re speaking with a client, let them know. If you’re running a few minutes late, let them know you’ll be home a little late because you’re stuck in traffic or you got caught up talking with your boss about a big project. Don’t leave them wondering where you’re at because that can lead to unnecessary questions and doubts.

3. Invite them to be a part of your life.

One of the reasons happy and healthy couples are so successful is because they socialize together and really invite each other into every aspect of their life, particularly friends and family. When you share friends, it’s much easier for each of you to feel secure and confident when the other is out with mutual friends because you both know and trust them.

And while it’s completely healthy to do things on your own and to have your own hobbies and interests, it’s also great to have shared hobbies and friends. If you go out to dinner with coworkers, invite your partner along and have them invite theirs. This is a great way of being social together and including each other in everything. This will squash any doubt your partner has when you say you’re going out with coworkers.

4. Share with them what you can.

If you really want to share your life with your partner, there’s no reason you can’t share your passwords to certain things. With so many ways of communicating today, it’s easy for couples to get suspicious of chat apps. After all, they do facilitate cheating.

To combat their fears and show that you have nothing to hide, it’s completely okay to share your passwords with them. Unless you’re a medical doctor, attorney, or some other professional that requires confidentiality for clients, it’s fine to let them in on your everyday accounts. Being transparent with your communications builds comfort and trust with the one you love.

5. Never stop flirting.

Flirting, you ask? How can flirting with your partner build trust in the relationship? Easy, because flirting with them lets them know you still find them desirable and attractive. It helps eliminate any question of infidelity or unfaithfulness. Never let your significant other forget how beautiful, handsome, and sexy they are, and never hold back from that sweetheart banter you had in the beginning stages of your relationship. Don’t be one of those couples who lets the flirting slip away. Flirting goes a long way in building a strong connection between you and your partner.

Trust doesn’t just build itself. It takes time and efforts to build or strengthen your relationship trust. And even if you build your relationship on a strong foundation of trust in the beginning, things change, people change, and all things need maintenance from time to time. Follow these five expert tips to ensure a strong connection and trust in your relationship.

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