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While it’s true that when you start dating someone there’s no way to know how things are going to work out. But if you are like most women, if you really like him, you immediately start picturing your life with him, whether you want to or not.

It’s almost impossible to start dating and not be wearing rose-tinted glasses, right?

You’re head over heels for him, deeply in like, and you’re totally attracted to him. While there’s no way of knowing how the relationship is going to unfold, there are some definite red flags to keep an eye for.

Today, our Orange County matchmakers are going to show you the top warning signs he’ll break your heart.

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1. He has a wandering eye.

Okay, just because a guy is checking out other women doesn’t mean he’s going to break up with you. Most guys are hardwired to stare at beautiful women. Evolution has made them notice beautiful women, and there’s nothing they (or you) can do about it.

That being said, there’s a limit to how much they should stare. He should only give a quick and controlled glance at other women, but his eyes should come right back to you.

You might get mad at him, or at least perturbed, but you only really have to worry if he seems to stop caring that you’re even there, taking his sweet time checking out other women. It’s rude and disrespectful.

2. He doesn’t want to meet your family.

If a guy wants to meet his girlfriend’s family, it means he takes the relationship seriously. It means he feels good about the woman he’s dating and wants to meet her mom and dad. It means that he doesn’t have any fears of the family or what they might think of him because he knows his intentions are genuine.

If, for some reason, the guy didn’t have genuine intentions, he would be very reluctant to meet her family. Breaking the heart of a woman is one thing but being deceptive towards her parents about his intentions is much worse. Guys who will eventually break your heart don’t want to take a serious step forward like meeting your parents.

3. He is still in touch with his exes.

Sometimes everyone has a hard time getting over an ex. And there’s nothing we can do about that. But if a guy truly cares about his new girlfriend, he will never be in contact with his ex.

Obviously, if your boyfriend is texting a girl who he’s working with or someone he’s just friends with, that’s totally okay. But if you catch him texting a girl who he hasn’t told you about, that should raise some major red flags.

If a guy is thinking about breaking your heart, his mind is always on plan B—aka the women he’ll start dating right after he breaks your heart. He might already have a side woman ready to go, and you could be totally unaware.

4. He gives you one-word answers.

It’s one thing to be an introvert and give one-word answers if you are having a hard time expressing your thoughts. But if your boyfriend is constantly giving you one word answers, and doesn’t seem able to fully engage with you during conversation, you have every right to be worried.

This is especially true if you call him out on it and he continues to do it. Giving one-word answers is a sign that he’s totally disinterested in talking to you, and you might even be the reason why he is so frustrated. This is another sign that he might break up with you soon.

5. He doesn’t show any interested in your hobbies/passions.

You can’t expect your boyfriend to be full enthusiastic about all your hobbies and interests. He might not like your favorite TV shows or going running at 5 A.M. But he should at least make an effort to ask some questions about your hobbies/interests.

Guys who act totally disinterested in your hobbies and interests don’t even make an effort to act like they care are pretty much telling you that they don’t really care about you.

They aren’t interested in your passions because they don’t really want to get to know you better. He will probably break up with you very soon.

Unfortunately, there are many men in Orange County who will lead you on and break your heart. It’s up to you to protect yourself by spotting the signs early on.

If you’re tired of meeting all the wrong guys on your own, contact our Orange County matchmaker and let us introduce you to quality men in Irvine who are compatible with you. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.



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