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Certain topics tend to pop up when a guy’s really interested in starting a relationship with you, and if your love interest/new boyfriend doesn’t talk about them or gives you vague or one-word answers when you bring them up in conversation, then we’re sorry to be the ones to burst your bubble, but you’re sadly wasting your time.

As Laguna Beach matchmakers with over 30 years of experience in the Orange County dating scene, we can spot a time-waster in the blink of an eye. And that’s what we’re here to teach you how to do today.

Let our Laguna Beach matchmakers show you the telltale warning signs you’re only wasting your time with him.

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1. Views on Commitment

A guy who’s really serious about the relationship won’t squirm when you ask him how he really feels about commitment. He’ll gladly lay it all out for you, including his thoughts on monogamy, fidelity, and all the stuff in between. He won’t leave anything up to interpretation for the girl he really loves.

2. Sex

It doesn’t matter if you’ve slept together a hundred times already, an open and honest discussion about sex is one component of a happy relationship. You may know which buttons to push to get his engine going, but you’ll never truly know how he feels about your sexual compatibility until the two of you have a serious talk. Opening the floor to discuss topics related to sex will ensure the two of you have a healthy sex life.

3. Religious & Cultural Views

It might not seem like a big deal, but having different values could definitely cause problems down the road. When things start to heat up, it’s the perfect time to talk about religion, how often you attend church, and which holidays you celebrate. This is something most established couples do at some point, so if you still don’t know his religious denomination and you’re having trouble getting him to talk about it, he’s potentially wasting your time.

4. Finances

If the two of you are planning on getting a house or are cohabitating right now, money is a subject that will have to be discussed at some point. If your boyfriend is thinking about having a future with you, he won’t hesitate to talk about how much money he makes, how much debt he has, and how the two of you would be splitting the bills. Some people squirm when the topic of finances comes up, especially guys who are just looking for something casual.

5. His Feelings

Guys always think they have to be strong, macho, and unemotional in all aspects of their lives. Growing up, many men are told to just suck it up and be a man. So it’s no surprise there are countless men out there, wandering around aimlessly with a perma-poker face. If your boyfriend would rather not talk about things that are bothering him or hurting him, it’s definitely not a good sign. It shows that he hasn’t made it to the level where he’s willing to open himself up to you. It may happen at some point, but chances are slim.

So tell us, how many of these signs do you notice with your new love interest? Is he in it for the long term or just wasting your time?

If you’re tired of meeting guys who aren’t serious about dating, let our Laguna Beach matchmakers introduce you to relationship-ready single men in Orange County who have been handpicked just for you! If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in OC, contact our Laguna Beach matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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