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There comes a time in every woman’s life when her heart is broken and she’s left alone at home watching Netflix and drinking wine. No matter how much pain you feel, or how much you want to go back to your ex, remember that the relationship is over and there is nothing you can do to change it. Our Irvine personal matchmakers want to show you the things you should never do in hopes of getting back together. Let our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles show you the right way to get through your painful split.

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1. Texting him all your deepest thoughts.

It’s no secret that women overthink everything. Actually, it’s a fact. It’s safe to say that after your breakup, you’ll be analyzing everything, and you’re going to want a chance to explain yourself. If you really want him to never speak to you again, then go ahead and text him everything you’re thinking.

Texting your ex about all the things you wish you could take back, or telling him how it would be better this time around, will only make you look desperate, especially if you’re doing it every day of the week. Remember that the relationship is over and there is nothing you can do now. Texting him all your thoughts and feelings is giving him the impression you’re desperate—or worse, crazy. Keep your phone away if you’re having a few drinks; instead, talk to a friend or write it out in a journal to clear your head.

2. Liking or commenting on his pictures on social media.

This one is a classic that many women fall victim to after a breakup. Yes, we get it, you miss your man. But going through old photos and hitting like or commenting will make you look like a stalker. Do not become one of those women who write “I miss you” on every picture or like every old photo of the two of you. Don’t be that woman who asks their ex who the new woman is because you don’t have the right to ask him. And more importantly, why do you care? You need to forget about your ex, and our Irvine personal matchmakers encourage you to remove him from your social media accounts until you’re fully healed.

3. Posting statuses about your sadness.

We get it, you’re down and out right now. Breakups can surely bring out the worst in all of us, but don’t let the world know your every thought. Don’t post statuses or quotes on your social media accounts every chance you get. Sure, your friends will be there to support you and give you advice, but nobody wants to be bombarded with daily statuses about your ex and the breakup. More importantly, you don’t want the world to know your deepest thoughts and business.

4. Start posting pictures with different men out of spite.

Trying to make your ex jealous by showing him you’ve moved on is a great technique to get him back, right? Wrong! You’re only hurting yourself here. Everyone will see right through this one and know that you’re trying to make your ex jealous. The more you post, the more desperate you look.

5. Randomly bumping into him.

You might as well get a “desperate” tattoo on your forehead if you make this move. Many women feel the need to bump into their exes at places they frequent, with high hopes of rekindling things. Don’t be one of them. If your ex just checked into Pinkberry, don’t go to the bookstore across the street. If he just checked into the gym, don’t throw your sweats on and head out the door. You have no business trying to bump into your ex. Our Irvine personal matchmakers know this will greatly hurt your healing process.

6. Calling when you’re drunk.

Okay, so you went out with your friends on Friday night and told them all the details of the breakup. They listened and gave you advice, and now you feel the need to go home and tell your ex everything with a late night call. We know this sounds like a brilliant idea, especially after a few margaritas or glasses of wine, but believe us, it’s only going to leave you with regrets. Save yourself from a morning of embarrassment and go home and go to bed instead.

7. Hooking up with his friends to make him jealous.

You want to get back with your ex, and the best way to go about it is hooking up with his friends and making him jealous, right? Nothing says “I’m desperate” like hooking up with his friends. Don’t be that woman who throws herself to her man’s friends. Not only does it make you look immature, but it’s going to get around and ruin your reputation.

8. Acting on those crazy thoughts.

There are many crazy thoughts flowing through your head right now. You want to hurt him, you want to get back together, and you want to get revenge for everything he’s done. There are many ways to hurt the guy you used to date, but doing them will only haunt you in the end. Of course every woman experiences those thoughts, they are completely normal. However, acting on them is not normal, it’s crazy. Act on any of the crazy ideas flowing through your head and we guarantee things are not going to end well for you. Don’t key his car, don’t bust out his windshield, or don’t show up to his work screaming out embarrassing things about him. Sure, you hate him right now, but you’ll soon get over him and be on your way to a new life. Be smart about the breakup, despite being in so much pain. And please remember that nothing good comes from revenge.

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Once you’re completely healed and ready to move on, contact our Irvine personal matchmakers and let us get you back in the Orange County dating scene. Let us introduce you to relationship-minded men who will be a great fit for you!


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