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Dating at any age can be frustrating, especially when nothing goes your way.  After so many bad dates, you might start to dread the idea of going on another one.  But how can you find love if you refuse to get out there and date?

As the leading Irvine matchmaking service, we’re dedicated to helping mature singles in Orange County date with ease.  If your dating life has become dreadful—to the point that you don’t want to date at all—follow these matchmaking secrets and watch your dating life transform right before your eyes.

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1. Have a Filter

Okay, so most people have a filter when it comes to everyday stuff, like what they share with their friends on social media and what they discuss with their coworkers.  Your friends might know everything about you, while your coworkers just know bits and pieces.

Okay, so not everyone has that filter built in, but you need to learn to use one in your dating life.  When you’re talking to your dates, make sure you filter out certain things, like the fact that you had a crazy ex or that you once cheated on a partner.  Remember that your date is judging you on what you say, and dates aren’t as forgiving as friends.  So make sure you bring your filter along on your next date.

2. Don’t Be Too Desperate for the One

Don’t ever decide that they’re the one too early on.  It’s important to let things progress naturally.  Your friends might have told you everything about them, so much that you think you know them.  And although they might seem cute and successful, you don’t really know them yourself.

Daydreaming can destroy your dating life, especially when they don’t turn out to be the one for you.  Putting so much pressure on your dates is going make dating in Orange County that much more frustrating.  When you assume they’re perfect in every way, you’re having too high of hopes and putting your expectations through the roof.  No one—and we mean no one—can ever live up to those kind of expectations.

3. Date with a Sense of Humor

Having a sense of humor can make dating in Orange County that much better.  It is common to dread first dates, but one way to avoid that dreadful feeling is by bringing your humor along.  This will not only make your dates less awkward, but it will ensure they’re fun and interesting.  And honestly, everyone wants someone who is funny and easygoing.

If you make dating fun and enjoyable, you’ll finally realize what dating is all about.  It’s two adults getting to know each other and hoping to spark a connection.

4. Accept That Dating Won’t Always Go Your Way

If you go into the Orange County dating scene already knowing that things might not always go your way, you’ll actually have the upper hand in love.  Just like there are many things you can’t predict or control in your everyday life, dating is the same way.

There will be dates you don’t get along with and people you’ll never want to see again.  There will also be people you like who don’t feel the same way for you.  The quicker you realize that you can’t control everything in your dating life, the better it will be.

5. Always Be Polite

When it comes to dating, good manners will take you a long way.  Being polite is great in any situation you’re in, but it’s especially wonderful for your dating life.  Don’t be arrogant or rebellious or try to prove that you’re better than someone.

Learn to be gracious and thankful for their interest in spending an afternoon or evening with you.  Even if you don’t hit it off, your good manners will bring you good dating karma in the future.

6. Try a Fun Date

A helpful way to make dating less frustrating is simply by switching up your date ideas.  If you’ve only been on dinner dates in the last few months, then it’s time to switch up your date activities.  Our Irvine matchmaking experts know this will make dating more fun all around.

Instead of staring at each other from across the dinner table and wondering if you have anything stuck in your teeth, why not do something fun instead?  A lot of healthy people today like to go for walks at the park or even take a stroll in the downtown area.  For more engaging dates, you can go ice-skating or bowling.  Not the athletic type?  Don’t worry, you can go grab a cup of Joe and walk around town.

The key to making dating in Orange County fun again is to do something out of the ordinary and go with the flow.

7. Be Realistic

Being realistic will instantly improve your dating life.  Never book so many dates that you’re worn out and unable to make it—or worse, show up in a sour mood.  Also, don’t expect everything to go as planned.  You can’t predict what will happen on your dates.  Being realistic means keeping your head straight even if the restaurant loses your reservations or if your date is nothing like you expected.  Go with the flow and keep pushing forward.

8. Never Interrogate Your Dates

You want to get to know your date, but interrogating them is not the right approach.  Our Irvine matchmaking experts encourage you to ask them questions that come out naturally.  You don’t need to go through a list of questions because it will come off as rehearsed.

Don’t ever interrupt them or ignore your own follow up because you’re already firing another question at them.

Still not having any luck in dating?  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with the leading Irvine matchmaking service today.  Let Orange County Singles Dating Service take over the hard part of dating for you, leaving you to show up and enjoy meeting compatible local singles.

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