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We all know how wonderful and powerful Facebook can be in our everyday lives.  It can be used to stay up to date with friends and family, to reconnect with old classmates, to improve business leads, or to disclose arguments of a personal relationship.  People use Facebook and other social media platforms for many different reasons.  Companies use it to market themselves and share useful information and everyday people use it to stay connected with friends and family.  As much as we love spending time on Facebook, our Irvine exclusive matchmakers know there are some habits that can detrimental to your romantic life.  If you’re not careful with how you use your Facebook, it could cause a lot of unnecessary drama or even destroy your relationship altogether.

When we fall in love, we want the whole world to know about it.  We all see those happy couples put pictures of themselves on Facebook every day.  You know who we’re talking about, right?  Yes, those lovey dovey couples who write each other love poems and cute messages about how happy they are every single day.  Not only do certain social media behaviors make a lot of people uncomfortable, but they creates unpredictable scenarios in your relationship.

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to slow down and think twice before you post things about your relationship on Facebook.  One simple post can destroy your whole relationship.  No one wants their partner to put them down in front of others or to have the dirty laundry of the relationship aired on social media for the whole world to see.  Our Irvine exclusive matchmakers are here to show you some behaviors you don’t want to fall prey to on Facebook.  Believe it or not, there are some behaviors that can destroy your relationship.

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1. Sharing Your Latest Fight

Before you on and hit the “post” button, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.  The moment you post your latest argument on Facebook, you’re breaking the bond with your partner.  You are letting your friends and family see the dirty side of your relationship.  Your relationship will no longer be private and respected.  If you are a social media fanatic, you have seen people who post their dirty laundry on Facebook, and you probably shook your head, right?

There is nothing wrong with posting positive things about your relationship, but posting your latest fight will only break the trust and cause unnecessary problems.  For instance, if you go out to eat with your partner and have a good time, then go ahead and let the world know you had a great date night.  But if you go out with your partner and have it out because they were eying up the hot waitress or bartender, your friends and family don’t need to see that.  There are many aspects of your relationship that must remain private.

2. Friends of Your Ex Could Cause Problems

Essentially, this is nothing you’re doing wrong.  This is something other people are doing that could hurt your relationship.  If you and your ex have mutual friends, chances are you might see their picture on your timeline occasionally.  It is safe to say that if things ended on a bad note, it could change your whole mood for the day.  It might make you think about them for the entire day, taking away from the attention you should be giving your partner.

Don’t let Facebook trigger bad emotions and cause unnecessary strife and drama in your relationship.

3. Validating Your Relationship Can Harm It

There are a lot of people who believe that the only way their relationship is official is if it’s posted on Facebook or if their partner professes their love to them all the time.  You don’t need your boyfriend or girlfriend to make it Facebook official or write you a novel to profess their undying love for you once a week.

Your partner might be private person who likes to keep those intimate thoughts behind closed doors.  Before you change your relationship status, make sure you talk to your partner, and before you post lovey dovey things on their wall, talk to them too.  There is no harm in keeping your relationship private, but it’s something you must discuss and agree on together.

4. Looking at Other Couples Can Make You Insecure

Most people only post the best statuses and pictures on Facebook.  You might see pictures of your friends having the time of their life at exotic destinations, but you don’t see what goes on behind closed doors.  There is no couple in the world who doesn’t get into an occasional fight, but do you really think they’re going to post all about it on Facebook?  Don’t judge a book by its cover, and never think that every couple you see on Facebook is happy all the time.  Our Irvine exclusive matchmakers know this will only make you feel insecure about your own relationship.

People only post cute pictures of their food, right?  Well, the same thing goes for relationships.  Don’t let other happy couples make you feel unsure and insecure about yours.

5. Fighting Via Social Media Is Immature

This is something our Irvine exclusive matchmakers never want you to do.  No matter how angry or aggravated you are with your partner, NEVER post an angry status dedicated to them.  If you have something to say to your partner, don’t use Facebook to get the message across.  Talk to them in person.  The same applies to asking for forgiveness.  Never apologize to your partner on Facebook; instead, do it in person.  Remember that your friends and family do not need to see what goes on behind closed doors.  Just don’t take it there on social media.

If you want your relationship to be successful, NEVER fall prey to these common Facebook behaviors.  Do not let the new and exciting phase of your relationship make you do something you’ll regret later.  Before you hit the “post” button, take a step back and think long and hard and ask yourself if it’s really worth sharing.  Is it going to improve your relationship?

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