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Once you’ve come to the realization that the person you love most has cheated on you, there’s no doubt that many things will go through your mind. Who was it? Why did he/she do it? Do they still love me? Do I still love them? Where do we go from here? Are they in love with the other person? Of course, every person and relationship is completely different – it’s up to you to decide if you want to take back a partner who has cheated on you – but if you decide to end it and want to move on from a cheating partner, this article is for you.

Once you’ve made the decision to let your cheating partner go, then the next step is to move on. We aren’t going to lie; getting over someone who cheated on you isn’t going to be easy, but it’s necessary. At some point during the process you may even be tempted to take them back, just to avoid the pain of confronting what they did and the fact that it cost your relationship.

Below our Huntington Beach matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service will show you how to get over cheating.

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1. Never Blame Yourself

Cheaters are the worst of the worst. Nothing has the power to destroy someone’s confidence like cheating. Unfortunately, so many people who are victims of cheating fall into the trap of feeling like their partner’s infidelity was their fault. Rarely is this true.

People who cheat do it for many different reasons. Just about every one of those reasons is a reflection of something they were feeling. Having feelings, whether those feelings are boredom or dissatisfaction in the relationship, is totally understandable, but they owed it to you to communicate those feelings and work on the problems.

If they did communicate and things were not able to be improved from their perspective, then they should have ended the relationship, but they did not. They made the decision to cheat for their own selfish needs. It is crucial for you to realize that their cheating ways had nothing to do with you or anything you did in the relationship.

2. Get Closure

This is a very important part of the healing process, but it can also be very painful. If you are someone who has trouble letting go, this will be very important for you to do.

Closure may come in dozen different forms; every person is different. Some people may feel desperate to know every detail of the affair. Other people just want to know why. You also have to accept the fact that what they say may be neither the truth nor what you want to hear, so try your best not to obsess over the details they are giving you. Other people may simply want to hear the other person explain why they did what they did.

3. Cut the Cord for Good

Once you’ve gotten the closure you were looking for, now is time to cut the cord forever. No social media, no text messages, nothing. Why? Because regardless of what comes spewing out of their mouth, they made their decision when they decided to do something they knew would hurt you deeply.

People who are in love will never do anything like this. But people who are selfish and don’t care about their partners will cheat. They deliberate did something to hurt you and destroyed the relationship. In our opinion, you should never take back a cheating partner.

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