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Some dating experts will say that men and women cheat for different reasons. Men cheat because they want to get attention, while women do it to fill an emotional void. But is this real? Today, you’ll find out your answer with Irvine elite matchmakers at Orange County Singles Dating Service.

Irvine elite matchmakers expose the reasons women cheat.

It’s no secret that both sexes cheat, but women tend to cheat when they’re in an unhappy relationship. Yes, you read that right. It’s the lack of happiness that drives women to cheat.

But women cheat for other reasons too. Today, our Irvine elite matchmakers are going to show you all the reasons that lead to a woman cheating.

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1. They’re in an unhappy relationship.

“I wasn’t happy in my relationship.” “He didn’t give me the time of day.” “He no longer put efforts into our relationship.”

These are just a few of the things women say when they’re in an unhappy relationship. Women are more likely to cheat when they feel stuck in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship, and they end up cheating to fill a void.

2. They do it because of a lack of attention in the relationship.

How long can a person go without receiving love or attention from their partner? Some can withstand it for weeks, while others only last a few days. Every woman is different, and so is what they can tolerate. Women desire more intimacy and attention than men. And if they aren’t getting it at home, they are going to look elsewhere.

If you aren’t giving your woman the attention or love she desires, she’s going to seek it from another male, whether it be a friend or coworker. Women deprived of attention, compliments, or compassion are the one who cheat first. This doesn’t mean they are having sex, but they’re having emotional affairs, which our Irvine elite matchmakers know is cheating too.

3. They do it out of revenge.

Being cheated on is something very difficult to forget, and some women will just never forget. For those who have been cheated on in the past, you already know how heartbreaking it is. You feel deceived, angry, sad, and infuriated all at the same time. And all of these emotions impact your self-esteem. Cheating effects the relationship and makes many women never able to trust their man again. Some women have even been known to cheat on their man out of revenge, just so they can feel the same pain they felt. The truth is, cheating doesn’t solve anything.

4. Because the sex isn’t good.

Just like men, women love having sex. And if the sex isn’t good, or you’re not having it enough, she is going to look elsewhere. Just like men, women like to break out of the monotony, and if the relationship has gone stale, she’ll look to spice it up elsewhere. Temptation is all around us, and if she is not satisfied in the bedroom, she’ll be inclined to look for that satisfaction with another man. Our Irvine elite matchmakers encourage you to have fun in the bedroom and never let things get stale.

5. Because it’s a way out.

Many women cheat on their partners because they want to get out of the relationship. It’s an escape—almost like they’re screaming, “I want to get out!” Some women don’t know until they are already cheating that they’re using the affair to put an end to the relationship. It is a very disrespectful way to end things, but it has been done many times before.

6. They have self-esteem issues.

Many women have cheated on their partners because they have self-esteem issues. They feel desired and adored by another man because their own partner is no longer making them feel that way. This is especially true for older women who cheat with younger men who make them feel desired. Older women experiencing menopause could use the affair to boost their self-esteem. They cheat with younger men who make them feel attracted and desired, two things they are not getting at home.

7. Opportunity knocks—it’s hard to turn down.

The truth is, sometime opportunity knocks and it’s hard to turn down. If the opportunity comes along, whether it’s an emotional affair at work or someone they meet out and about, many women have a hard time turning it down; some do it for the pleasure and others do it because they’re intrigued. But one thing is for certain: an affair is hard to turn down if a woman is in an unhappy relationship or marriage or she is depressed or stressed. In this case, she’ll often cheat to feel satisfied. However, our Irvine elite matchmakers know that this satisfaction is only short-lived and does not provide anything meaningful and causes more harm than good.

Let’s face it, cheating isn’t just something men do. As you can tell, there are many reasons behind a woman cheating, but it usually boils down to being in an unhappy relationship. If your woman isn’t happy with you, she’s going to look for whatever she’s missing elsewhere. Our Irvine elite matchmakers are completely against affairs, and we don’t believe there is any good reason for cheating. If a woman is unhappy in a relationship, she should break up with her partner before going to the arms of another man.

If you’re ready to meet quality single women in Orange County, contact our Irvine elite matchmakers today. You deserve someone better, someone who will never cheat on you. We have a large database of quality women who are relationship-minded and ready to find love. Fill out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page to reserve your FREE no-obligation matchmaking consultation to get started today!

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