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A lot of single women in Orange County have a list of all the things they find attractive (good hair, nice body, certain height, a good sense of humor, and brains), but what about all the things they dislike in men? What about all the things that make women cringe? We’re talking the major dating deal breakers. Yes, a lot of single women in Orange County have deal breakers you won’t be able to bend.

Beyond first impression and first dates, these unattractive qualities will make women turn away fast. Even if you look like George Clooney, if you display any of these traits, most women run for the hills—and fast. Some, you might already know, such as bad manners and poor hygiene, but others might come as a surprise to you.

So get ready as the most reputable matchmaking service in Irvine reveals the top things single women in Orange County dislike in men.

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1. Bad Manners

Obviously, this had to be number one, because it’s the most unattractive thing in both men and women. Bad manners are a huge turn off for single women in Orange County because it’s part of the all-important first impression. If you go on a date smelling like you just left the gym, have the table manners of a rebellious five year-old, or are texting at the table, you have bad manners. It doesn’t matter if your body is a 10, you will not impress her.

Bad manners read as immaturity, and what do we know about women? They don’t want an immature man. It means that you don’t care what people think of you, and that’s not a good indication that you’ll make a good boyfriend.

2. Constant Complaining

We all have our bad days, but constantly complaining about everything in sight and finding fault in everything will make women run for the hills. Being classified as a Negative Ned is not going to help your dating life. Negativity is very attractive, so no woman will ever want to be around you. If you are complaining that your drink didn’t have enough ice cubes or that the waiter took too long to bring your meal, then you are a negative person.

Another huge turn off for single women in Orange County is complaining about exes on dates. If you are constantly bringing up your exes, then you’re not ready to date. This is a huge red flag in the dating scene.

3. Being Clingy

It’s one thing to like a woman and pursue her, but it’s another to be clingy, needy, and never leave her alone. One of the biggest turn offs for single women in Orange County is clinginess.

It’s sweet that you want to get to know her, and it’s even sweeter that you like her, but it’s not sweet to want to spend every second with her. If you are constantly calling and texting her, you’re not going to come off as Prince Charming. On the contrary, you’re going to come off as desperate and suffocating.

Making her your #1 might sound romantic to you, but it screams desperate to her. You need to show her that you have a life of your own and that you won’t need her to complete you.

4. Being Obsessed with the Gym

Listen, single women in Orange County love a guy with a nice body. But if all you talk about is the gym and how you can’t wait to go tomorrow, or how much protein you’ve had all day, she’s going to think you’re obsessed. Look, we get it, the gym is important to you. But you have to stop talking about it and show her you know how to have a meaningful conversation. Save the gym conversation for your guy friends. Why? Because it’s the equivalent of women talking about makeup.

Health and fitness is very important to everyone today, but if it makes up 90% of your conversation, women are going to think you’re a meathead and will pass on you. Plus, if you’re obsessed with everything you eat, how much you work out, and how much body fat you have, you’re going to make women feel insecure—or worse, like you’re judging their bodies. Needless to say, they’re not going to want to be around you.

5. Bad Hygiene

First impressions are everything for both men and women, and that’s why it’s not a good idea to show up to your date looking or smelling bad. Bad hygiene is hugely unattractive because it shows how little you care about yourself and your dates. If you don’t take pride in yourself, then you won’t take pride in caring for her.

If you haven’t brushed your teeth in days, aren’t wearing deodorant, have greasy hair, oily skin, or foul odors, no woman will want to be around you. Who would? Having respect for yourself is necessary to be successful with the ladies.

6. Being Self-Obsessed

On the flipside to the one above, if you are self-obsessed, then you’re going a little overboard. If you stare yourself in your cell phone reflection, or stare into every mirror you walk by, women are going to think you’re more into yourself than them. We get it, we all need a little primping and preening, but if you want to win her over, you need to hold back a little bit. You don’t want to come off as arrogant and conceited in the dating scene. Also, if you take too long to get ready or are obsessed with your appearance, you’re going to scare women away.

7. Being a Mama’s Boy

Sure, it’s sweet that you love and appreciate your mom. But if she runs your life and you can’t make a decision without her, no woman is going to want to date you. If a guy has to talk to his mom multiple times a day or needs her to do everything for him, then he’s a mama’s boy that hasn’t quite grown up, which is scary for relationship-minded women. Come on, guys, it’s time to cut the umbilical cord and become an adult. Every man needs to be able to take care of himself.

As professional matchmakers, we know these are just a handful of the things single women in Orange County find very unattractive in a man. If you are guilty of some of these behaviors, it’s time to stop right now.

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