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Our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service will review 6 reasons why he did not call you back. Trust us, dating in Orange County is about to get easier, ladies!

The first time it happened you told yourself it was because you did not click. The second time it happened, you thought he lost your cell phone or even went out of town. Now, the 20th time it’s happened, you’re starting to get annoyed, aren’t you? We know you are. If you are always the one waiting for the call that never comes, our Santa Ana matchmakers will tell you exactly what you need to know to break this bad dating pattern.

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Why You Didn’t Get a Call #1: You Cheated

One of the easiest ways to ruin a good date is by talking about your ex and how you cheated on them in the past. When it comes to dating, everyone knows that a cheater is the last person anyone wants to be with, and this goes for men and women alike. One of the worst traits to have in the dating world is infidelity. In fact, being faithful is ranked as more important than having wealth or status, so if you never heard back from him, this is why.

What to Do the Next Time Around

If you cheated on your ex, please don’t talk about it during the first few dates. Obviously you’ll have to come clean at one point or another, but hold on until he has gotten to know you better, this way there is a chance he will want to see you again.

Why You Didn’t Get a Call #2: There Wasn’t Any Chemistry

The worst type of dates are those you get really excited about, but then all of the sudden, you realize there isn’t any chemistry between you and him. The subjects of conversation don’t flow, you awkwardly kick each other in the shins during dinner, your eyes begin to wander around the room, and the date becomes a full out disaster. Both of you are bored out of your minds and wait to get it all over with.

What to Do the Next Time Around

Sometimes, chemistry can be created and you don’t have to go all crazy about it. Gently touching his arm or resting your leg against his will be enough to get chemistry jumpstarted. Also, head out somewhere busy so that the two of you can lean in closer to each other to talk.

Why You Didn’t Get a Call #3: You Don’t Have a Sense of Humor

Okay, so tripping over the sidewalk and landing head first on the trash can might not have been ideal, but how did you react to it? If you stormed off in an anger-driven rage, he’ll think you’re a spoiled little princess. And if you go on and on about it for the entirety of the date, he’s going to think you don’t have any sense of humor. Or even worse, he could assume that you have confidence issues, which are a major red flag for men.

What to Do the Next Time Around

Even if you are red faced with shame, show him you have a sense of humor by laughing about what happened. This way you’ll show him that you are a relaxed type of woman who is confident and secure in herself. Remember that embarrassing things happen to people every day and you can use it to your advantage to break the ice. And beyond that, you can use it as a bonding experience.

Why You Didn’t Get a Call #4: You Are Miserable Mary

People like to go out on dates with others who make them feel good. If you sat through the entirety of the date complaining about your boss, worrying about the calories in your meal, or ragging on your friend for being jealous of you, your date isn’t going to hang around much longer. Actually, he probably won’t even stay for dessert. Our matchmakers want you to know that dates should be fun and enjoyable for both of you. Trust us, your date doesn’t want to be your therapist, so keep the conversation fun, upbeat, and positive.


What to Do the Next Time Around

If you happen to be at a down point in your life, our expert advice would be to refrain from dating and take yourself off the dating market for a while. Use this time to work on yourself. Try to figure out what is going on with your life and resolve the issues. Being miserable will result in a string of bad dates, and a string of bad dates will make you even more miserable.

Why You Didn’t Get a Call #5: He Didn’t Think You Were Attractive

It might be shallow, but attraction plays a huge role in the dating world. After all, you do need to find someone attractive if you want to see them again. And this is especially true for men. As you already know, men are very visual creatures, so make sure you look your best when heading out.

What to Do the Next Time Around

If you want to make yourself more attractive for him, then you need to work on yourself. Start eating healthy, working out regularly, taking better care of your skin, and drinking plenty of water. You can also use makeup to accentuate your features and buy clothes that fit you well.

Why You Didn’t Get a Call #6: You’re Too Different

Although the saying “opposites attract” might work well in movies, our Santa Ana matchmakers know that in real life it doesn’t work that well. People who are completely different from each other will not have a successful, long lasting relationship. It takes having a lot of similarities and common interests to build a happy and healthy relationship.

What to Do the Next Time Around

You can’t change the way you are to keep a man interested. Instead, make sure he can see your true personality by revealing all the things you’re passionate about and keeping your nerves under control. Sometimes, it can take a lot to discover who someone truly is when dating, but these tricks should help with the process.

If you’re struggling to meet quality men on your own, contact our matchmaking professionals here at Orange County Singles Dating Service and let us help you find your ideal match. Let transform your romantic life today!

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