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Love is a wonderful thing. When you’re lucky enough to have it, it’s absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, not all love last forever, and some can actually turn sour before you’re even aware of it. If you’re the unlucky one on the receiving end of a breakup that blindsides you – or you’re in a relationship that’s heading for the rocks without realizing it – we feel for you. Our Brea matchmakers don’t ever want you to experience that kind of heartache.

To ensure you don’t get hit off-guard, you might want to check out these signs that show a man is unhappy in a relationship.

Warning Signs He Hates the Relationship

Today, our Brea matchmakers are going to reveal the tops warning signs he hates the relationship. If you notice these behaviors in your guy, you need to talk to him right away. Once you catch it, you have to figure out if you can salvage things or if it’s best to go your separate ways.

1. He has mood swings.

If you’re in a relationship that you can’t stand, you’re probably going to have a short fuse, even over little things. The same goes for a guy who hates his relationship. His moods will swing all over the place: one day, he’ll be pretty happy to do whatever, and the next he’ll lash out for no reason.

When he hates your relationship but doesn’t have to courage to walk away, he’s likely to start fights for no reason. Clearly, something is wrong in your relationship, but he’s not ready to pull the plug just yet. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are guilty of this. For whatever reason, they feel like they can’t break up with their girlfriends.

2. He doesn’t apologize anymore.

Look, if he cared about the relationship and you, when he made a big mistake, he’d own up to it. He would admit his wrongdoing and do whatever he could to make it up to you. However, if he doesn’t care much for you or the relationship, he’ll simply stop apologizing when he does something wrong. Why would he waste his breath if he wants things to be over and done with anyway?
Refusing to make up after a heated argument creates a lot of tension and resentment in the relationship, and he probably thinks that if he acts that way often enough – and for long enough – you’ll just end up breaking up with him.

3. He gives you the silent treatment.

No one likes to be around a pouter, and this guy can sulk with the best of them. Stopping all contact with you – be it in person, online, social media, or text – is his way of creating a distance between the two of you.

If you’re hearing about his big news from a mutual friend before you hear it from him, it’s because he’s trying to cut you out of his life. Unfortunately for you, he isn’t direct with his approach. Sure, he might be extremely busy at work, but if he’s ceased all communication with you all of a sudden, and he’s being distant for no reason, then it’s likely because he’s not happy in the relationship. Sadly, he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Unfortunately, men have a hard time being upfront and honest when they’re not happy in a relationship. Whether it’s fear of hurting you or sheer cowardice, it’s painful for you. If you notice any of these signs in your man, you know what you need to do. You need to muster up the courage to approach him about this delicate subject.

Let him know you notice the distance between you. Let him know you want to talk and figure things out together. Whether you decide you love each other and want to salvage the relationship or you go your separate ways, it’s best to figure it out soon. You don’t want to let the uncertainty and pain linger on.

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