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After being hurt from a failed relationship, it’s safe to say that you’ll never be the same person again.  Although there were many red flags along the way (warning signs you chose to ignore), your relationship could have come to an end in the blink of an eye.  Whatever the reason, life after a breakup can be devastating, especially if you were not the one who called it quits—or worse, if your partner cheated on you.

As the best dating service in Irvine, we’re here to tell you that this devastation won’t last forever.  What’s important now is that you pick up the pieces of your heart and learn to move on.  Life will not be the same, but you still learned valuable lessons that you can apply in the future.  You wouldn’t appreciate happiness if you didn’t understand pain.  On the same note, you wouldn’t understand the pain of a heartbreak if you didn’t experience true love.

Life is unpredictable and confusing at times.  It might not play out the way you want it to.  The only thing you can control is how you feel after the breakup.  Today, our expert matchmakers are going to teach you how to deal with the ups and downs of the breakup so you can move on with your dating life.

Giving up on love because you experienced a broken heart will not be the solution.  You must understand that many people—just like you—have been there before, and many of them are now in happy relationships.   You might say that love doesn’t exist or that it’s rare, but as best dating service in Irvine, we know love does exist.  You can’t give up on love because you haven’t found your forever partner yet.

If you are going through a breakup, follow these simple tips to get back on your feet in no time.

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1. Accept That It’s Over

The first step to heal from a breakup is to accept that the relationship is over.  There is no point in dwelling on something that didn’t work out the way you hoped it would.  You need to let go and let go right now.  Remember that you control what’s on your mind, and as soon as you accept it and move on, the quicker you will put yourself on the path of love again.

You are allowed to feel sorrow and wallow for a while.  In fact, this is an important part in healing your broken heart.  But you don’t need to isolate yourself or give up on love.  It’s time to leave the past where it belongs and move on with your life.

2. Contemplating Your Role in the Breakup

It takes two people to create a relationship, so it takes two to make it or break it.  You had your part in the breakup.  Whether the breakup came out of the blue or it was a long time coming, you had to play a part in it.  But don’t worry if you made a mistake.  You can learn from that mistake so you don’t make it again in the future.

Were you insecure in your relationship?  Were you jealous or manipulative?  Were you too controlling?  Learn from your breakup and make sure you don’t repeat the same behaviors the next time around.

3. Enjoy Your Single Status

Now that you’re single again, you should enjoy every minute of it.  Of course your relationship failed and you didn’t want that, but don’t let that hold you down.  Spend time with friends and family and do the things you always enjoyed.  Use this time to make new friends, especially of the opposite sex.  Granted, only create new friendships because you are not at the point to be in a relationship yet.

Go party, go on shopping sprees, hang out with positive friends who cheer you up, and pursue hobbies and interests that make you feel productive and well-rounded.  The point is not to isolate yourself at home but rather make the most out of your life, despite your new single status.  You will find love again.  It will happen.  But for now, enjoy your single life to the fullest.

4. Getting Back on Your Feet

There is no time limit for how long it will take to get back on your feet.  Take as much time as you need to heal your broken heart.  If it is sooner than you thought it would take, that is great for you.  Your friend might have healed in one month, while you might take two or three, and that’s okay.

If you want to speed up the process, start by meeting with old friends and family members who support you and bring a smile to your face.

Another way to speed up the process is to get over the breakup by preparing yourself for a new chapter of your life.  Once you see how truly beautiful life is, you’ll stop feeling sorrowful all the time.  Put yourself out there because it’s just a matter of time before you heal and meet someone else.

5. Fall in Love with Yourself

Heartbreaks can destroy your self-esteem and smash your ego into a thousand pieces.  You might think that you’re not good enough, but that’s not true.  You are a successful person who is smart, attractive, and desirable—someone who is unique in their own way, so of course you’re good enough.  Let the past in the past and stop looking back in the rearview mirror.  Realize that you can’t please everyone in the world, and similarly, not everyone is going to love you.  But as the best dating service in Irvine, we know there is someone out there for you.

The relationship with yourself is the best relationship you can have in your life, so never stop loving yourself no matter how you feel about your romantic life.  Once you fall in love with yourself and build up your confidence, you’ll start attracting the right candidates, and chances are, you’ll meet someone who is ten times better than your ex.

Learning to love again after a breakup might seem like mission impossible.  But as the best dating service in Irvine, we know it’s far easier than you think.  Just follow our five simple tips and you’ll be ready for love when you’re healed. When that day comes, contact our expert matchmakers and let us help you find it!

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