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They say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but as professional matchmakers, we don’t believe the two sexes are all that different.  However, when it comes to dating, there are a few little differences you’ll come across in the OC dating scene.  But why is that?  Men are constantly complaining how complex women are, and women do the same.

Today, our expert matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service are going to show you the dating mistakes single men in Orange County make, errors that prevent them from finding love.

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1. Failing to Prepare for Dates

Yes, we know that we live in the 21st Century and women are just as capable of arranging dates men.  But if a man asks a woman on a date, it is his job to take care of the arrangements.  He should plan a fun date that doesn’t involve Netflix at home, especially if it’s a first date.  As professional matchmakers, we’re a little old-fashioned about this one and believe that men should always plan the first date.  You should plan a date that both of you will enjoy.

Why are so many men in OC not capable of making plans?  It gives her the wrong signal and tells her that you can’t take the lead.  Instead, take charge, find out what she enjoys, and plan the date accordingly.

2. Not Being a True Gentleman

Again, as professional matchmakers, we’re old-fashioned about how men treat women, and we believe that men should treat women like princesses.  If you are taking a woman out on a date, then you need to open the door, pull out her chair, and always let her order first.  These are gentlemanly acts that should come off effortlessly and take you a long way with the ladies.  Chivalry isn’t dead and you need to show her that.

Also, how hard is it to remember your pleases and thank yous?  The first date gives you an opportunity to impress her and stand out from your competition.  You only have one chance to wow her, so step up your game and do it right.

3. Not Understanding a Woman’s Sensitive Side

As strong as women are today, they are also still women, which means they’re very sensitive.  Women are the more sensitive sex and should be treated as such.  You need to be more careful with what you say and do around her.  One of the biggest dating mistakes single men in Orange County make is acting as though they’re hanging out with one of the guys.  You are out on a date with a woman, so make sure you are polite and treat her like a woman.

4. Obsessing Over a Woman’s Body

Don’t get us wrong, we know how important it is to find someone who looks good.  After all, looks are what initially intrigue and attract two people to one another.  However, you shouldn’t judge a woman based on her looks alone.  You need to look for other things, such as compatibility, stability, intelligence, confidence, and a kind and caring heart.  What good is it if she looks like a supermodel but can’t hold a conversation and doesn’t have her life together?

5. Not Appreciating a Woman

Whether it’s her new hairstyle, a sexy new dress, or the way she is all dolled up for a night out on the town, nine out of ten times men don’t notice a thing.  Do you think she spent all those hours getting ready for everything to go unnoticed?

It is amazing how many men miss the opportunity to give a woman a compliment and start the date right.  She spent a lot of time getting ready to see you so make sure you pay her a genuine compliment.  A sincere compliment sets the tone for the date.  It’s time to become Mr. Observant and let her know you notice her efforts.

6. Chasing & Suddenly Disappearing

One of the biggest mistakes single men in Orange County make is ghosting.  It is a new phenomenon happening in the modern dating scene.  Men chase women and disappear out of nowhere.  We’ve lost count how many times we’ve heard about this happening in the OC dating scene.  If you chase a woman and realize you don’t want to be with her, why disappear?  She deserves an explanation.  Believe it or not, this is bad dating karma that will undoubtedly come back to haunt you down the road.

7. Checking Out Other Women

However subtle you think you are, your date will notice.  Even if you try to do it shadily, she’s still going to catch you.  Why?  Because women have a sixth sense when it comes to this.

One of the biggest mistakes single men in Orange County make is checking out other women while they’re out on a date.

You had all week to check out women, why would you feel the need to do it when you’re out on a date?  It is very disrespectful and lets her know she is not good enough to maintain your attention.  If you want to be successful, make sure you devote your attention solely to her.

8. Not Revealing They’re Dating Other Women

This one is huge for women.  If the two of you are just starting to date, you really should let her know if you’re also seeing other women.  Every relationship needs to start off with honesty, not lies.  This is one of the biggest mistakes single men in Orange County.  How would you feel if she was dating other men behind your back?  If the relationship is starting to get serious, you need to stop dating other women.  We get it, you want to keep your options open, but you cannot let her believe she’s the only one you’re dating.

9. Not Responding Throughout the Day

Or worse, replying with short and hasty answers that can be misconstrued.  If a woman has written to you and you’re not busy, make sure you respond in a timely manner.  If you are busy, let her know and don’t make her wonder what you’re doing.

Women in Orange County are tired of meeting men who have no manners and don’t treat them with the respect they deserve.  If you’re like many single men in Orange County who can’t figure out why you’re still single, you could be making this common dating mistakes.  Don’t worry, with a little dating coaching and practice, you’ll be on your way to becoming a more successful dater.  To schedule a 90 minute FREE consultation, fill out the survey at the top of the page today and let our expert matchmakers help you date with success.

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