6 Biggest Lies Single Men in Orange County Tell on Dates

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What is it with single men in Orange County lying to women on dates? It’s the most frustrating thing ever, right? It can be frustrating to end up on dates with men who are total liars and complete fakes. They’re lying to impress you, but it doesn’t matter why they’re doing it. But a lie is a lie, and you don’t want to start a relationship with someone who lies to you from the start.

When you go on your next first date and hear any of the following lines, don’t be surprised if they are lies. It really hurts to believe that honesty is almost extinct in today’s fast-paced dating world, but don’t worry, because as the best matchmaking service in Newport Beach, you’ll never encounter lies with us. We only work with trustworthy, honest, and successful singles who are serious about finding long-term compatibility, which requires 100% honesty.

But in case you’re dating on your own, our Newport Beach matchmakers are going to show you the biggest lies single men in Orange County tell on dates. This will help you weed out the losers and liars and help you find a guy who is honest, open, and trustworthy.

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1. He Says He’s the Boss

For some strange reason, some guys like to lie and say they are the boss of the company they work for. You don’t get it, but then again, you would never lie about being the boss of your company. Men go on dates because they want to impress the woman they’re out with, causing many of them to lie about their work position. He might claim he’s running the company when he’s a greeter or tech guy.

On the other hand, he might not tell you that he’s actually unemployed. If this is the case, it’s not hard to see why he would tell you this lie. But again, a lie is a lie. He could’ve said he is actively searching for a job or that he’s working hard to make his way up the career ladder. But, no, he lied to you instead. Next! You don’t want to get involved with this guy.

2. He Owns an Incredible Place

Unfortunately, just because you’re an adult and living on your own doesn’t mean the guy across from you is too. You might think it’s crazy to be 30-years-old and living with your parents, eating their food, and having them do your laundry, but the guy across from you might not see it that way. For some men, this is normal. If you’re meeting guys from online dating sites, don’t be surprised if they’re still living at home with their parents.

Most guys aren’t going to come out and say that they still live at home with their parents because they know that’s not going to impress you. This is something you need to keep an eye for. You don’t want to end up with someone who has no motivation to get his act together and is completely content with living in his parent’s basement.

3. He Lives Nearby

Okay, so we take it you’ve been doing a little bit of online dating and chatting it up with a guy or two. You really hope he lives in your city since you were matched with him. But sometimes men lie about where they live just to keep the thing going.

He could live far away from you, several hours away. Meeting singles online is a crapshoot, and you really don’t know who you’re going to meet or where they live. People are very dishonest online, plain and simple.

4. He Wants a Serious Relationship

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies single men in Orange County tell on dates. If you are on a first date with a guy and he keeps saying he’s fed up with the dating world and how no one wants to be in a stable relationship, he could be lying. Some guys are so good at playing games with women and tell this lie to seduce you faster. After all, you would never be interested in a man who says he sleeps with someone new every night, right?

Ladies, you need to be super cautious when meeting men on your own. After all, you need to safeguard your heart. Although he’s saying he wants to be in a relationship, he might just be saying that to gain your trust and get you to the bedroom.

5. He’s Been Cheated On

Some guys like to tell sob stories on their dates. If you fall for it, it’s totally your fault, because you should’ve seen right through it. For example, if your date starts whining about how every woman he’s dated cheated on him, then you can bet every dollar he’s lying to you. Think about it for a second: if you were cheated on, you would never want to broadcast it to the world. You might tell your next boyfriend when you’re having a deep conversation, but that’s about it. Cheating isn’t a first date conversation topic, so if any man starts chatting about it, then he’s lying and trying to gain your sympathy and trust.

6. He Rarely Dates

Many single men in Orange County don’t want to appear like they’re big daters. They often think that if a woman knows they go on a lot of dates, they’ll be seen as a player or desperate. But if your date keeps telling you over and over again that he’s not a big dater, he’s definitely one of the two (a player or totally desperate). This is totally true, especially if you met via an online dating site or mobile dating apps. Online daters tend to go on a lot of dates, more so than regular people because it’s so easy to meet local singles online.

Now that you know the biggest lies single men in Orange County tell on first dates, we hope it opens your eyes and helps you weed out losers and players. If you’re tired of the lies single men in Orange County tell, then it’s time for you to find another avenue of dating. Let our professional matchmakers here at Orange County Singles Dating Service do the weeding out for you so you can show up and enjoy meeting honest and trustworthy men who are compatible with you.

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